The Premium offer is the final tier of our package deals. This package comes with all products that we offer at a discounted rate. This is best suited for clients that have multiple products on promotional deals, product launches & interested in engaging with multiple demographics across our platforms. Premium offers an avenue for marketing campaigns that is sure to drive sales, boost engagement, and create a community of users dedicated to sharing your brand’s message. The subsidized overall cost lowers the original value of the investment but creates more awareness & engagement at an advantageous rate. In addition, all minimum impressions of reach have been marginally increased at no additional cost.

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Web Banner Features

  • Image/file types can include GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Linked directly to Client’s URL
  • Different URL can be applied to different banners
  • Alternative text appears behind images
  • Border size of “1” automatically added
  • Locations can include side-of-page areas beside content
  • Full statistics provided including impressions and click-throughs

Additional information

Static Web Banners

Leaderboard, Wide Skyscraper

Dynamic Web Banners

Medium Rectangle, Billboard

Mobile Banner

Medium Rectangle Banner

Podcast Commercial

5 – 60 Seconds, 2 Audio Clip, 2 Ad Plays, 4000 Impressions

Radio Commercial

28 Day Campaign, 60 Secs, 56 Plays, 2 Plays per day

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